NEW Edition September 2009 - 400 pages Full Color...
Exploration and Mixed Gas Diving Encyclopedia; The Tao of Survival Underwater
This 400 page in-depth reference guide is authored by Tom Mount and Joseph Dituri with chapters by Lamar Hires, David Sawatzky, M.D., Bruce Voss, M.D., David J. Doolette, Ph.D., Simon Mitchell, M.B. Ch.B., Ph.D., Roberto Trindade, M.S., Jeff Gourley, Joe Citelli, Martin Robson, R. Todd Smith, Gene Melton, Matti Anttila, Ph.D., Simon Pridmore, Peri Blum, Psy.D., John Zumrick MD, JP Imbert, and Kevin Gurr. Subjects include ~ The Basics Of Physiology For Technical Divers, Inert Gas Narcosis, Oxygen & Its Affect On The Diver, Carbon Dioxide Retention, High Pressure Nervous Syndrome, Counter Diffusion, Decompression Illness, Hypothermia & Hyperthermia, Equipment Configuration, Equipment Configuration For Small Divers, Dive Planning, Gas Management For Rebreathers, Operational Safety, Tracking Absorbant Duration By Oxygen Consumption, ROVs & Hard Suits For Expeditions, Mental, Spiritual & Physical Aspects Of Diving, The Diver’s Mind, Psychological & Physical Fitness For A Technical Diver, The Psychology Of Survival, Response Training & Failure Points ~ The Importance Of Developing Response, Deep, Deeper, Deepest & Further ~ One Man’s Personal Quest & Staying Alive To Do It!, Going Past The Edge, Expeditions ~ Wrecks, The Practical Aspects of Deep Wreck Diving, Expeditions ~ Caves, Expeditions ~ Artic Ice Diving, and Modeling Chapters on VPM, RGBM, ABM, Gradient Factors, and Multi-Modeling Approaches. Tables to perform the text exercises are included PLUS New Tables for Gradient Factors and CCR Pre-Dive Checks....This unique manual is required reading for all IANTD Technical Diver Programs and a valuable resource for all divers at any level.